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Dispensary Website Builder

Dispensary Website Builder

The cannabis market is still quite young. Most successful businesses in this industry have succeeded by trial and error because, as the industry is taking its first steps, there are not many references to take as a guide. But this is slowly changing as more and more countries are adopting more favorable regulations towards cannabis.

The retail market for cannabis products is moving from the wild west to a mature, convention-driven industry, so this is the best time to start an e-commerce business in cannabis products.

When it comes to having an e-commerce site for cannabis, there are several routes that someone can choose to do the job:

  • You can hire a web design and programming agency, but you must be prepared to pay an exorbitant fee.
  • You can hire a freelance web designer, but this can become a problem if you don’t have experience in creative direction or web design to coordinate the freelancer’s work.
  • Another option is to build your e-commerce site in a website builder, but keep in mind that most website builders are designed for businesses of other categories and for creative professionals, so you will need to know how to configure and adapt the templates to the specific needs of your business.
  • Finally, you have the option of using a website builder that specializes in website design for cannabis dispensaries. This is the most cost-efficient option, and you can rest assured that the templates you find are tailored specifically to your type of business.

If you decide to use a specialist builder for your cannabis e-commerce, you will have a handful of options to choose from. But if you want the best of the best, Flynt is the safest choice you have.

Flynt is a builder specifically designed for website design for cannabis websites. Since we launched our platform, we have led the market for cannabis website design for these five reasons:

No code needed

Our platform allows you to build e-commerce pages for your cannabis business with pre-loaded templates with retail features, and if you want more control over your site, you can add or remove items by dragging and dropping them.

With Flynt, you can be an online marijuana store website designer with no previous experience.

Variety of templates

Our platform has several templates that have been specifically designed to overcome the most common obstacles encountered by cannabis retail businesses, so you can be sure that whatever choices you make will work for your business.

Hosting without headaches

Flynt includes the hosting service so that you don’t have to take any more time to launch your website once you finish customizing your template.

Extra tools to grow your dispensary

Flynt includes out-of-the-box tools to organize your blog, make promotions and discounts, start a subscriber list, or manage pre-orders. All without resorting to third party services.

You can try it out without paying

Most website builders out there ask you for your credit card details without even letting you try out their platform first. Flynt instead allows you to test the platform and customize templates with our free trial.

If you are considering how to approach your marijuana dispensary website design project with Flynt, you can learn more about our cannabis store web design-builder: help@tryflynt.com

Dispensary Website Builder

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