General Questions

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to provide a better understanding of the cannabis world. If you have any more questions that have not been answered on this page, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Yes, but you can also use a passport and other forms of state issued IDs.

Anyone 21 years of age and older can purchase one ounce of flower.

Yes, you can change your online order at the register.

Please park on either side of the dispensary front entrance.

At this time, we unfortunately do not offer any senior or Veteran’s discounts, but keep an eye out for our staff picks!

You will enter a waiting room. An employee will be there to check your ID.

For information on how to consume marijuana, please see the following link:

For the differences on smoking marijuana and consuming edibles, please see the following link:

For the benefits of consuming marijuana please see the following link: Health Effects | Marijuana | CDC

To see the different factors in how marijuana may affect different people please visit the following link:

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