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Welcome to Our Dispensary In Mendon, MA: Here’s A Quick Tour

Cannabis dispensaries have adopted unique, welcoming cultures since being legalized across different states. Their atmospheres are calm and informative, allowing you to ask questions about products and learn more about weed. 

Many cannabis enthusiasts prefer sticking to one go-to dispensary. Finding a dependable weed store guarantees you can always get high-quality products for reasonable prices. Additionally, many dispensaries offer rotating deals and rewards programs, letting you save money with each visit. 

At JDM, we welcome you to our new dispensary in Mendon, Massachusetts.

JDM Cannabis: Mendon’s Local Dispensary

JDM Cannabis opened its location in Mendon, MA, in December 2023. Our recreational dispensary is dedicated to serving our customers and community with safe, high-quality products. We aim to mix our stock with various cannabis products, perfect for new and experienced users. Additionally, JDM Cannabis will donate 3% of all earnings to the town to help our new home’s community. 

Our vision is to guarantee safe and accessible cannabis for all of our patrons. We hope to unite people with exceptional weed and memorable moments that further their personal cannabis journeys. By prioritizing cannabis education, we also hope to empower a stronger cannabis culture and community. In doing so, we can share safer practices and eliminate the stigmas that have held our industry back. 

The JDM Cannabis Team

JDM is owned by Victor Patel, who has worked in retail for over two decades and owns various establishments across Massachusetts with his family. JDM is his family’s second dispensary. Patel hopes to continue branching out in the cannabis industry as the store grows. 

Andrew Pistone serves as the dispensary’s general manager. Pistone started working in the cannabis industry at the age of 18 in the San Fernando Valley. From the front desk through cultivation, he’s been involved in nearly every step of the “budtending” process and is excited to bring his experience to JDM. 

Our team is still growing and always looking for new, skilled teammates. Our budtenders must be passionate, driven, and collaborative to keep up with changing industry protocols and maintain our positive atmosphere. Check out our careers page to view our current open positions. 

Explore Our Menu

JDM offers various types of cannabis products, including buds, edibles, and vapes. We measure most of our products by their levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids. THC is the compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects. Products with higher THC and total active cannabinoids (TAC) levels will usually have more potent effects than other options in the same categories.

Our menu also lets you explore products based on their most common moods, including calm, energetic, focused, and sleepy. While all users experience different effects, these indicators can still be helpful when making decisions.

Flower and Buds

Buds are the traditional way to smoke cannabis, whether you prefer them packed in a pipe or rolled in a joint. JDM offers a wide variety of flower, with potencies ranging from 17% to 55% THC. Beginners may be interested in our small indica and hybrid buds, while experienced users may prefer infused buds covered in distillate, kief, and more.

Our types of cannabis flower include:

  • Trim: This type of weed is cut from cannabis leaves during its cultivation process. Trim generally has lower THC levels and prices than other options.
  • Shake: “Shake” cannabis consists of the bud pieces that have fallen to the bottoms of storage bags and containers. They consist of various pieces of cannabis plants and, therefore, often vary in potency. Nevertheless, you can usually get a good high for a fair price. 
  • Infused buds: These types of weed have undergone unique cultivation processes that combine them with different oils and extracts. This gives the weed additional potency and flavor.
  • Pre-rolls: Pre-rolled joints are another popular flower option that requires zero work. These buds are already grounded down and rolled tightly for immediate smoking. 

THC Vapes

THC vaporizers are excellent for discreet and odorless highs. They often give different effects than flower and other consumption methods, with plenty of different flavors and potencies available. 

Vape cartridges, or “carts,” are among our most popular products. They easily screw into vape pens and batteries, which are sold separately, for quick, customizable highs. We also offer disposable vapes that you can safely throw away after using. 

Edibles and Tinctures

Many people prefer edibles over other smoking and vaping options for cleaner consumption. Edibles and tinctures typically provide stronger, longer-lasting highs but take longer to kick in. 

Our most popular edible options include:


Concentrates and extracts are some of the most potent weed products available. Concentrates take solid or oil forms and feature high doses of various cannabis compounds, guaranteeing a thrilling high with each hit. 

Most people dab concentrates using dab rigs and specific vape pens. However, you can add some options to joints or mix them into food, such as brownie dough, for unique results. 

JDM’s concentrates include:

  • Live resin
  • Wax
  • Budder and badder
  • Hash
  • Sugar
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Find Our Dispensary in Mendon, MA

JDM Cannabis is located at 103 Uxbridge Road (Route 16) in Mendon, MA. We’re between Hide-A-Way PIzza and George’s Surf ‘n Turf, just west of Nipmuck Pond and Mendon Parks. We’re super easy to find, whether you’re local or passing through from Rhode Island. We are open seven days per week, though specific hours vary by day and on holidays. 

Like all dispensaries, our business is generally cash-only and cannot accept credit cards or phone payments. However, we offer a debit system that acts as an ATM and rounds up to the nearest $10 increment. The difference between your payment and the withdrawal amount is then returned to you in cash. 

Contact us at (505) 381-0233 or info@jdmcannabis.com, or feel free to visit us in person if you’re over 21. Our team will happily answer any questions you may have about our menu and mission. Plus, we’re pet-friendly!

Get directions to our dispensary in Mendon, MA, to learn more. 

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