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THC Calming Gummies: The Essential Handbook

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiast! Are you tired of smoking or vaping your way to cannabis bliss? Worry not because we have the answer to all your THC needs — calming gummies. These little treats are the perfect way to unwind after a long day without needing a smoky haze hanging over your head. Plus, […]

Spring Activities for Adults Who Enjoy Cannabis: 9 Ideas

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! There’s just something about this season that makes everything seem exciting and invigorating after the icy winter begins to thaw. If you’re a stoner, there are plenty of spring activities for adults that you can enjoy with a little green to get into the springtime spirit. […]

How To Roll a Joint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today, there are tons of ways to enjoy marijuana. You can ingest it through tinctures or edibles, inhale it as vapors, or smoke it from a pipe, bong, or hitter.  But one of the most classic ways to smoke your cannabis is the good old-fashioned joint. There’s just something special about rolling a joint by […]

6 Different Types of High: Tips for Choosing the Right Strain

If you were to describe the feeling of getting high to someone who has never used cannabis products before, how would you do it? The feeling might be hard to put into words since using cannabis can make you feel a number of different ways. Different strains produce different types of high. -Whether you’re a […]

8 Must-Try Winter Activities In Boston for Cannabis Users

Winter is a magical time in Boston as the temperatures drop, the snow falls, and the city twinkles with lights and cheer. While enjoying a little green is great any time of the year, it’s fun to pair it with these seasonal winter activities in Boston. So bundle up, light up, and enjoy Boston’s winter […]

Strains for Artists & Musicians: Uxbridge Dispensary Tips

For many years, creators have used cannabis for creativity boosts. Some of the most famous ones that come to mind might include musicians like Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, and Jimi Hendrix, artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, writers like Hunter S. Thompson, Oscar Wilde, and Carl Sagan, and even Ben and Jerry of ice […]

Cannabis Oil vs. Tincture: What to Know (+ How to Choose)

With the variety of cannabis products available today, figuring out the differences and which ones are right for you can get a little confusing. Cannabis oils and cannabis tinctures are similar products, but they do have differences in their production, use, and benefits. Knowing those differences can help you determine whether a cannabis oil vs […]

The Edibles Dosing Guide for Beginners (Start Here)

Welcome to the world of edibles, where food meets fun. Edibles are the perfect combination of deliciousness and THC goodness, tantalizing our taste buds since the dawn of cannabis culture. From your grandma’s homemade brownies to high-end artisanal chocolates, edibles have come a long way over the years. But with so many different edibles now […]

Holiday Weed Strains: 6 Products Worth A Try (or Two)

It’s that time of year again. From colorful lights to frosted cookies, there’s so much to enjoy about the holiday season. This year, that also includes festive cannabis strains.  No matter what you celebrate, everyone could use a new strain to light up those cold winter nights. Whether you want a strain to boost your […]

Cannabis Topicals: Benefits and Tips for Use

Like most people, you probably think of cannabis as something that gets you high. But what if we told you there’s another way to use this plant that doesn’t involve smoking or ingesting it? Cannabis topicals are made with marijuana or hemp extracts and are applied directly to the skin. Topicals offer a non-intoxicating way […]

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