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How To Celebrate 420: The Best Ideas & Tips

Any good stoner knows that 420 is just around the corner, so it’s time to celebrate! While any day is good, 420 is an especially fun day to grab some of your best stoner pals and your favorite cannabis products to enjoy a great time together. 

But what exactly is 420, and why do we celebrate it? 

Here are all the details you need to know about this day, including how to celebrate 420 in the coolest ways possible.

What Is 420?

The story behind 420 seems like something out of a comedy movie. Back in 1971 in Marian County, California, a group of five friends, aka The Waldos, decided to set out on a treasure hunt to find an abandoned weed crop. The legend says that the brother of a friend of The Waldos was afraid of getting caught growing the weed, so he drew them a map to find the stash located in the woods in Point Reyes.

The Waldos, all San Rafael High School students, decided to meet at 4:20 p.m. after school by a statue of Louis Pasteur. There, they would smoke and then go off to find the weed crop. They called this plan “420 Louis,” or just “420,” and went out on the search regularly during that fall. 

Though they never found the weed, the term 420 became a code word among teens in the area for smoking weed, so The Waldos still left a lasting mark on stoner history.

In 1989, the Cannabis Action Network (CAN) began the association of 420 with the date April 20th. Besides using marijuana on this day, CAN called for protests and political action to make lawmakers and the public aware of sensible recreational use.

420 Ideas To Try by Yourself or With Friends

Recreational marijuana use has come a long way in recent times, so it’s no surprise that many stoners choose to mark this day specially. If you’re looking for some 420 inspo, we’ve got you covered.

Throw a 420 Celebration Party

Throwing a 420 celebration party is easy since it can be as laid-back or as detailed as you would like. Do you and your friends enjoy simply hanging out, getting stoned, chatting, and snacking? It’s as easy as that. If you want to take things a step further, you can decorate, plan a themed menu, and pick out some fun games or activities the group will love.

Get Out in Nature

There’s nothing like the beauty and peacefulness of nature. This 420, plan an outdoor activity that you can do either alone or with friends to appreciate the wonder of Mother Nature. A hike in the mountains, a run on a trail, a walk along the beach, or a picnic in the park are all great places to start. April is a nice time to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air, too. Add your favorite cannabis product to the plan, and you’re all set!

Try Some Arts and Crafts

Puff-and-paint parties have the same general idea as the popular sip-and-paint parties you see all over social media. Swap out the wine for a blunt to share with friends and enjoy making something creative together. You’ll need to pick up some art supplies first, but you’ll surprised at how much fun you’ll have at the end when the group compares paintings.

Listen to Your Favorite Jams

Some music just hits you differently when you have a good buzz going. Ask your friends to either make a playlist or bring a few of their favorite tunes over while getting high together. If you want to take the music theme even further, why not turn it into a costume party?

420 Tips To Make Your Celebration a Succes

Now that you have some ideas for celebrating 420, here are some tips to make sure you have a great time. 

Pick Up 420 Strains

If you’ve been looking for the right opportunity to try a new strain, this is it. When you head into your dispensary, your budtender will ask you a few questions to help you decide what to go for, especially to fit the mood of your 420 celebration. If you’re not into smoking, try a new edible product to get the night going.

Get the Right Supplies

After getting your favorite strain, make sure you have everything else you need: lighters, rolling papers, or any other paraphernalia. If you’re having a themed celebration, bust out the decorations, the art supplies, music, or anything that will get people into the spirit.

Prepare the Snacks

Have some snacks on hand for when the munchies set in. If you’re feeling up to cooking, you can try making some cannabis-infused recipes or baking some edibles. Whichever you choose, prepare some food for when your guests get hungry if you want to be a good host.

Plan Activities for Your Guests

When getting together with your friends for 420, think about what they like to do. If it’s a more chill crowd, movies and music are perfect ideas. If you want things to be more interactive, plan some games or have everyone bring their favorite game to share with the group. 

As it often goes with friends, you might just spend the whole time chatting. But having some fun activities up your sleeve to pair with your marijuana products is always a fun idea.

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