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The Weed Spins: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The human body is a funny thing, so it’s not surprising that two people can have very different reactions when using the same cannabis products. This means that a strain that your friend swears by might not have the same effect on you. At some point or another, many cannabis users experience what’s known as greening out, or the weed spins. This is a feeling of dizziness or motion sickness caused by marijuana. Many would simply call this a bad high.

This dizziness can actually make you feel worse if you start to panic or get nervous. So how do you treat the weed spins? Here, we’ll lay out everything that you need to know in case it happens to you, as well as a few tips to help prevent it from happening in the first place.

What Causes the Weed Spins?

There are a few different things that can cause the weed spins. Sometimes it’s as simple as your body’s reaction to a cannabis product. However, there are a few things that make it more likely for you to experience greening out.

Newer cannabis users are more likely to experience the weed spins, especially if they consume too much at one time (be careful with edibles!). Some studies show that you can also green out if you haven’t used cannabis for a while, even if you’re not new to it. 

You might also start to feel sick if you smoke on an empty stomach, or if you use cannabis while already using alcohol at the same time. Mixing these two together is called crossfading. While some users don’t experience any effects of mixing cannabis and alcohol, others end up feeling quite sick.

What Are the Symptoms of Greening Out?

As you can guess, the most common greening out symptoms are dizziness or feeling like you have motion sickness. Studies show that a potent dose of cannabis can lower your blood pressure and cerebral blood flow, which can cause that dizzy feeling.

If you drink alcohol before using cannabis, it can amplify the effects. While that might be appealing for some, for others it can have some negative side effects. This includes:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting

Using too much cannabis can cause other symptoms, like a rapid heart rate or feeling anxious, along with the spins.

If you use weed before alcohol, you’re less likely to feel these specific effects, but the THC will slow down the effects of alcohol, causing you to become more impaired in the end than you might have planned for.

The symptoms may last just a few minutes for some people. Others can feel them for a few hours. There’s no way to tell how it’s going to go, so you just have to wait it out.

Greening Out Treatment

Research is still being conducted on the weed spins, but as of right now, it seems that there are no major health-related risks associated with it. Even so, at the moment it can feel uncomfortable or even scary when it happens to you. If you’re starting to panic, try your best to stay calm. The dizziness can get worse and can even cause vomiting if you let yourself get too worked up.

While it might not sound too useful, the only thing that you can really do if you’re greening out is to just wait and let time do its thing. Some research shows that taking a warm bath (but not too hot) can help you relax and alleviate any feelings of nausea. You could also try listening to some relaxing music while taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that the bad feelings will pass. If you’re at home, lie down in a comfortable area and try to keep calm. Eating a snack and drinking some water can help with the dizziness, too.

If you’re tempted to go to the emergency room for the weed spins, you’re unlikely to get much help. Doctors can’t really do anything to make the weed spins go away since the THC in your system needs to wear off. You might even start to feel more anxious in the emergency room since there’s so much going on.

However, if you can’t stop vomiting, this could lead to dehydration, which may call for medical assistance. In that case, you should seek out treatment so that you can get the vomiting under control and rehydrate.

How to Prevent Greening Out

To lower your chances of greening out, you should always know exactly which cannabis products you’re using and where they came from. If you’re new to cannabis or haven’t partaken in a while, start out with a smaller dose to see how it affects you. This is especially true with edibles since you can easily take a higher dosage than you intended.

Eating a meal and drinking plenty of water before you partake can also make a difference, especially with edibles. The THC can have a more potent effect on an empty stomach, so make sure that you eat something before a session.

You might find that building up your tolerance helps reduce your chances of the spins. This isn’t true for everyone, but newbies or those who overdo it too early are the ones who usually fall victim to it. If you notice that you get the spins after a particular product or strain, it’s probably time to try something else.

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