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Weed and Fitness: How to Work Cannabis Into Your Exercise Routine

While cannabis users usually turn to marijuana products to achieve a relaxing high, some are now using them to enhance their workouts. Science already shows that cannabis can be really helpful when managing pain for certain conditions, so why not apply this to fitness, too? Not only that, cannabis products may be able to kick your exercise routine up a notch. 

Keep reading to know more about how weed and fitness go together.

Current Research on Cannabis and Fitness

People have already been using cannabis for a number of reasons. But researchers are becoming increasingly interested in learning about the possible benefits of working out with weed. Specifically, experts want to know which has more significant effects on exercise: cannabis products with THC or CBD? 

So far, there aren’t many significant findings on the role of cannabis in performance enhancement. This might be because of the limited amount of research conducted on the topic. But there’s a growing interest in the subject, especially because it’s a banned substance in most sports, even though it hasn’t been shown to have the same effects as performance-enhancing drugs.

The University of Colorado Boulder is currently studying the effect that cannabis products have on athletes, especially on how they elevate pleasure while working out. One study revealed that 80% of cannabis users add weed to their workouts for three main reasons:

  • 70% report it makes working out more enjoyable
  • 78% claim cannabis speeds up their recovery time after a tough workout
  • 52% said marijuana makes them more motivated to exercise

While research is still ongoing, current findings already show that there are many reasons why people might want to try weed and fitness together.

Cannabis and Appetite

You already know about the munchies — that hungry feeling you get after consuming weed. So it would seem counterintuitive to use cannabis for weight loss. But there is actually some surprising research on this topic. Several studies show that cannabis users are less likely to be overweight or obese than people who never use it, despite the link to increased overall calorie intake when using weed. 

Although cannabis users are more likely to have a lower BMI, cannabis isn’t a weight loss drug and shouldn’t be used as such. However, cannabis may help with weight management because of the following:

  • You get a better sleep when consuming cannabis products.
  • Cannabis can boost your metabolism.
  • You might drink less alcohol if you smoke cannabis.

Pain Management and Muscle Relief

One of the biggest reasons why you might want to combine weed and fitness is to help manage the pain sustained from exercise or speed up your recovery. Some people report that using cannabis after a tough gym session helps to delay cramps. We already know that weed does a fantastic job managing chronic pain, so it’s not surprising that people are catching up on how it can help with daily aches and pains.

Using weed to manage pain after exercise offers the same relief as taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. It’s also relatively safer. Frequent use of OTC products — especially when dehydrated — can increase your risk of health problems like ulcers and kidney failure, which aren’t a concern with marijuana. 

Experts don’t have enough data yet on the beneficial effects of marijuana on workout recovery, but some suggest that vaping flower or edibles might be the best way to go, especially when trying to time your workout so that the high kicks in.

Work Out Longer and Stronger With Cannabis

Some people claim that getting a little high before a workout increases their motivation, especially for a particularly long or difficult session. You’ve probably heard of a group of hormones called endorphins giving athletes a euphoric feeling known as a “runner’s high.” Some new studies show that endogenous cannabinoids — a naturally occurring chemical in your brain similar to cannabinoids — may actually cause that feeling. Smoking marijuana before a long run or cycle may help to kick-start that effect, making it easier to exercise and enjoy every moment when you’re not particularly motivated.

In addition, getting high before an intense exercise can loosen up your muscles so that the workout doesn’t feel so physically taxing. You’ll also achieve better mental clarity and feel more in tune with your body, helping you to work out longer. This can give you the bump of confidence that you need to keep going and enjoy a great workout.

Tips for Getting a Good Workout With Cannabis

Here are some tips to help you incorporate cannabis safely into your workout routine.

1. Put safety first. When using cannabis to enhance your workouts, you want to make sure that you’re doing it safely to enjoy the benefits. This goes for weed, too. Weed can decrease your coordination and slow your reaction time, so know your limits, especially if you’re using equipment like weights and barbells. Using this equipment while you’re too high can be a safety hazard for you and the other gym-goers around you.

2. Don’t overdo it. Even though using weed before a workout can make it feel more enjoyable and less strenuous, you still want to be aware of the effort you’re putting into your muscles and joints. Overdoing it can lead to injury, which can sideline your workouts until you recover.

3. Speak with a doctor first. If you have doubts, speak with a professional before you try it yourself. While doctors will most likely discourage you from smoking weed, they can explore other options for you like, edibles, topicals, or concentrates.

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