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What Does Good Weed Look Like? 6 Signs

Everyone knows someone who claims they don’t love smoking weed. While that may be true, the problem might just be that they’re not smoking the right kind of weed. In the world of cannabis, quality is king. It can make the difference between a horrible experience and a life-changing one. But figuring out what are the signs of good weed can seem complicated because there are many different types of strains and distributors and varying levels of quality. Despite these worries, figuring out what quality weed is can be pretty simple, and it’s worth doing. 

Quality cannabis is not only more enjoyable but also ensures that you get the desired therapeutic effects, whether it’s pain relief, relaxation, or enhanced creativity. It also reduces potential health risks associated with poorly cultivated cannabis. Ultimately, prioritizing quality weed fosters a healthier, more informed, and enjoyable relationship with the plant.

Some people think that paying more for weed will guarantee results, but that’s not always the case. While premium strains and products often come with a steeper price, branding and marketing can inflate the price tag without reflecting significantly superior quality. The reality is that exceptional strains grown and cared for meticulously can be found at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for good weed, regardless of the price tag, think about the following six signs to look for.

Sign 1: What color is it?

One of the easiest signs that point to good or bad weed is its color. Poor-quality weed often has a dull green color, with other colors like orange, brown, yellow, black, or white being a bad sign too. These colors may be the result of things like oxidation, mold, age, pesticides, and chemicals. On the other hand, you know you have some winning weed if its colors have more vibrancy, like a deep green or flaming red and orange.

Sign 2: Is it sticky and spongy?

Another way to tell if your weed is good is by the way it feels. Good weed should feel fairly sticky when you touch it. This is because the stickiness is generally a good indicator that the weed was stored properly and that there are more cannabinoids in the weed. In comparison, dry weed that crumbles easily may have been stored poorly. 

Good weed also tends to be spongy to the touch. You’ll want to be wary of hard weed because it’s an indicator that the grower used synthetic nutrients to grow it. Those synthetic ingredients tend to taste bad if they are not washed well before selling.

Sign 3: What does it smell like?

The smell of a cannabis strain can be one of the best signs of it being a good or bad strain. Bad weed typically has a musty or mildewy smell that’s an indicator that it is past its due date. Those smells are also a sign that the strain may have been mishandled or badly cured. 

On the other hand, a cannabis strain that’s of good quality typically has a very potent smell. That smell is typically a mix of a variety of aromas such as berries, gas, citrus, and pine. Once you’ve smelled that strong smell, it’s tough to forget.

Sign 4: Are there plenty of quality trichomes?

If your weed strain has a lot of shiny trichomes, chances are you have a good strain. What are trichomes? Well, trichomes are the sticky glands on cannabis plants that carry a plant’s aroma, flavor, and effects. The more white trichomes you see on a flower, the more likely it is that you are getting good-quality weed. Amber-colored trichomes, however, might be an indicator that you’re buying bad, old weed because time, light, and heat give trichomes an amber hue.

Sign 5: Are there stems, seeds, or loose leaves?

You’ll also want to stay clear of weeds with stems and seeds. First of all, stems contain very little THC, so they don’t have the power to give you a high when you smoke. Other than not being very useful, smoking stems can cause some uncomfortable side effects like headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, sore throat, and coughing. 

Seeds should also be avoided because smoking them can cause more smoke than usual, which can damage your throat and lungs. Because of these side effects of smoking seeds and stems, good weed shouldn’t have any seeds and only enough stems to hold the bud together. You should also avoid brands that sell products with too many loose leaves because it might be a sign that the brand isn’t treating their products with a lot of care.

Sign 6: What’s on the label?

While you can get a good idea of what’s bad weed just from the look and feel of it, you can also check the label. The harvest date and expiration date should help you avoid weed that is past its prime. Even the best weed only lasts if properly stored for about six months to a year. In fact, research has shown that the THC in cannabis decreases by 16.6% in just the first year.

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