How to Choose the Right Product: Uxbridge Dispensary Tips

Not all that long ago, the cannabis market was pretty limited. Hearing the terms “cannabis,” “marijuana,” or “CBD” would bring images of joints or oils and tinctures to mind. Over the last few years, however, the industry has grown substantially.  When you enter a dispensary in a state with legal cannabis, you’ll find you face […]

8 Different Ways to Use Marijuana: A Franklin, MA Resident Guide

Cannabis has a long history, with the first written record of its use for medical purposes discovered in the world’s first pharmacopeia dating back to 2737 BC. The text lists several therapeutic benefits of the plant for ailments such as rheumatism and gout. Other historians have found mentions of cannabis in ancient cultures throughout the […]

How to Choose the Best Dispensary In Massachusetts: Full Guid

Dispensaries in Massachusetts are a dime a dozen, right? Wrong. Just because they’re all called dispensaries doesn’t mean they offer the same quality products and services. Some dispensaries are much better than others. So how do you know which is the best for you? It can be tricky to know how to choose a dispensary, […]

Uxbridge Cannabis Education Corner: 5 Types of Products to Know

Thanks to the growing push for legalization in the U.S., the cannabis industry is reaching new heights. Legal marijuana is expected to be an $80 billion industry by 2030.  The rising demand for new cannabis products means you have no shortage of options the next time you find yourself in a dispensary. From cannabis-infused edible […]