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Cannabis Etiquette 101: How to Enjoy the Right Way

As recreational cannabis continues to become the norm in states all across the country, more and more people are discovering the joy of marijuana. They’re also discovering the many ways to enjoy cannabis, from weed-infused edibles and tinctures to concentrates, waxes, resins, and more. 

But even with all these newfangled options for getting high, traditional smoking is still a thing. Joints, bowls, and bongs are still popular among marijuana enthusiasts.

If you’re new to the smoke scene, you might not be familiar with the rules of cannabis etiquette. Most smokers are pretty chill people, but it’s still important to know the playbook for how to be a polite smoker. Here are ten top cannabis etiquette tips you should know.

Cannabis Etiquette 101: How to Enjoy the Right Way

#1 Respect Roller’s Rights

The first rule of cannabis etiquette is also one of the most important: Respect Roller’s Rights.

Roller’s Rights refers to a simple rule of thumb that all polite smokers observe. In short, it means that whoever rolled the joint gets the first hit. The rule applies when you’re smoking a bowl or blunt as well. It’s only fair that whoever went to the trouble of rolling the joint or packing the bowl should get first dibs.

There are a couple of addendums to the rule of Roller’s Rights. The first is, to be respectful. So what if their joint’s a little lopsided or burns unevenly. Preparing the smoke is an act of service; honor the person who does it. 

#2 Be Friendly and Welcoming 

Smoke sessions are all about the vibes, so do your part to make sure the vibes are good. Be friendly to your smoking companions. When you have new joiners, welcome them into the fold and make them feel like they’re part of the family. 

#3 Don’t Share When Sick

Maybe it goes without saying, but you should never participate in a smoke session if you’re sick. Even if all you have is a slight sniffle or a minor cough, it’s best not to take part. This way, you’ll avoid getting everyone in your circle sick as well.

#4 Don’t Slobber

If you’re smoking with other people, there’s always going to be some saliva involved. From the spit that seals the joint to the slick sheen of drool on the mouthpiece, it’s nearly impossible to avoid coming into contact with someone else’s salivation. But polite smokers know that paying attention to how much spit they’re leaving on the joint is the right thing to do.

Nothing harshes a high as effectively as putting your mouth to a slobber-sogged joint, so be courteous when you hit it. 

  • Instead of putting your lips on the joint, hold it just in front of your lips. 
  • Without touching the joint with your mouth, inhale the smoke. 
  • There’s never any reason to touch the joint with your tongue or have any part of the joint inside your mouth.

#5 Don’t Be Greedy

No one likes a selfish smoker. One of the primary goals of any smoke session is for everyone to get high, so don’t take more than your share of hits when the doobie comes your way.

Smoke circles tend to develop their own rules over time, so you should always observe the dynamics of a certain group. If you’re ever unsure, revert to the age-old “puff-puff-pass” rule — hit the joint (or bowl, bong, blunt, vape pen, or whatever you’re smoking) twice, then pass it to the person on your left. 

It’s also important to respect the rhythm of a smoke session. Don’t slow down the rotation by hanging onto the smoke too long between hits, and don’t change the direction in the middle of things. 

#6 Always Corner the Bowl

Everybody wants the greenest hit possible, so when you’re smoking a bowl, always light from the outside in. You don’t need to torch the thing, just light a small portion using the edge of the flame so that there’s a green hit left for the next person.

Also, pay attention to the hits that came before you and spark accordingly. This helps make sure the entire bowl burns down at the same rate 

#7 Know Your Limit

Proper cannabis etiquette means knowing your limit and not overdoing things. Overindulging can lead to “greening out,” which includes dizziness, vomiting, and even anxiety. That’s no fun for anybody. Know how to dose, pace yourself, and don’t be afraid to sit out a couple of rotations if you need to.

#8 Repsect Others’ Limits

Respecting the limits of your smoke buddies is a big part of cannabis etiquette. Marijuana affects everyone differently, so respect people’s boundaries and believe them if they say they’ve had enough. You should never pressure anyone into smoking or continuing to smoke if they’ve declined.

#9 Don’t be a Mooch

Smokers are known for their generosity, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it. If you aren’t supplying the bud, be sure to bring something else to share. Bring a snack to enjoy when the munchies set in or beverages for when everyone gets cotton mouth. 

Along those same lines, you should never help yourself to someone else’s weed without permission. Whether it’s your best friend or your roommate, practicing cannabis etiquette means you should always ask before you touch the stash. 

#10 Keep it Clean 

Finally, good cannabis etiquette means being a tidy toker. Be mindful of where you ash the joint and take care to not let ashes fall off. Make sure your hands are clean before you start smoking to cut down on germs. If you’re smoking a bowl, make sure it isn’t clogged with resin. If you prefer a bong, be sure to clean it regularly and keep the water fresh. 

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